Spurgeon – God Can Make You Strong

by Rick T on February 17, 2014


I have to confess, I used to think that if I was in God’s will that things would be easy. But I was wrong. And Charles Spurgeon confirms that in today’s edition of Faith’s Checkbook. In fact, he says, if God is in something it’s time to get to work!

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Faith’s Checkbook
Daily Devotional Reading by Charles Spurgeon
For February 17
God Can Make You Strong

Be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!”.
(2 Chronicles 15:7)

God had done great things for King Asa and Judah, but yet they were a feeble folk. Their feet were very tottering in the ways of the Lord, and their hearts very hesitating, so that they had to be warned that the Lord would be with them while they were with Him, but that if they forsook Him He would leave them. They were also reminded of the sister kingdom, how ill it fared in its rebellion and how the Lord was gracious to it when repentance was shown. The Lord’s design was to confirm them in His way and make them strong in righteousness. So it should be with us. God deserves to be served with all the energy of which we are capable.

If the service of God is worth anything, it is worth everything. We shall find our best reward in the Lord’s work if we do it with determined diligence. Our labor is not in vain in the Lord, and we know it. Halfhearted work will bring no reward; but when we throw our whole soul into the cause, we shall see prosperity.

This text was sent to the author of these notes in a day of terrible storm, and it suggested to him to put on all steam, with the assurance of reaching port in safety with a glorious cargo. †



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